About Us

Zawa Milliner's scour the far reaches of the Kanuri empire in search of the finest craftsmen to produce our unique hats. Employing over 200 man hours on each cap, the out come is a piece of art and attire that transcends time. An heirloom that can be passed on from generation to generation, evolving with the times and still retaining its classic and traditional heritage. Each Hat is made with the finest materials, making them extremely durable and easy to maintain.
Zawa;  "Cap" in Kanuri, was created to ignite a cultural conversation between the people from the great Kanuri Empire in Borno State - Nigeria and the rest of the country and the world, by sharing the unique history and tradition that is embedded in the unique craftsmanship in each hat. During the height of the insurgency in Northeast, we realized that most of the country and the world at large was emotionally detached and therefore weren't able to empathize or demand action. We decided to export this uniquely Kanuri Northern Nigerian fashion staple, to the rest of the country and ultimately the world to start a cultural conversation between people who were otherwise detached from each other. The caps are named after historic cities, towns and figures in Borno. We believe this familiarity will bridge the ethnic and cultural divide. We also believe that by opening a new marketplace for these artisans, we can increase job opportunities while preserving the culture.


Maintenance is as simple as going to the laundry, literally. Each cap can be hand washed, line dried and re-sized as needed.